Jan Niblock

Jan is the most recent addition to the PDS team and will teaching AKC and ASCA Rally classes Ever since Jan moved out on her own at 18 years old, she has always had dogs and cats. She also had a house full of mixed breeds over the years, both those she owned and those she fostered. Then she fell in love with Erin, her first Australian Shepherd and there was no turning back. She put 70 titles in agility on Erin in 6 different organizations. Erin was the first Aussie to earn a CATCH in CPE. Next came Murphy, her rescue, who loved herding and she put a couple of ASCA herding titles on him. Rylie also loved agility and had multiple titles in 4 organizations and multiple CATCHs and an ATCH. Now she runs Finn and Molly in agility but she also shows both of them in rally. In ASCA rally they are both working on their ASCA rally championships. Molly is in Excellent AKC rally and has earned multiple titles in C-Wags Rally. Finn has his AKC Novice and working on his Intermediate rally titles. He also has a few titles and legs in C-Wags Rally.


Jan started teaching dog classes in 1998, starting with puppy classes. She then went on to teach household classes for dogs who aged out of puppy classes or were newly adopted. For many years at multiple places, she has taught agility classes, both the foundation/basic level up to those who are actively showing. She started teaching rally classes in 2019 and teaches both ASCA and AKC rally. Jan is also an agility judge; she began judging in CPE in 1999 and in ASCA in 2006.


Besides teaching dog classes, she taught Introduction to University Life for 5 years and First Year Writing for 8 years at Cleveland State University.